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Just let go of $760... Not telling you for what.

Trying to meet Dino to collect my capital. Ill call him at 11.30.

Went out with Hon kit and Patrick

I met Patrick and we went to starbucks for a while... and after that, he left in a jiffy too. Sigh... He said we could meet again at 2am but thats too late for me.

Then later on, I went out with Hon Kit to chijmes... but the place was full of Japanese and Chinese visitors/foreigners. I couldnt gather enough of my good self to do much. So I went home early at 11pm. Caught the last bus.
Hes not very interesting. I prefer patrick better. I ate some sauteed prawns and some cream of mushroom soup there. Wasnt very nice either.

With this food slave thing their doing these days, its hard to feed and coax the stomach properly. So my stomach is in array now. Thats how I feel.

I also keep feeling something missing from my head.. So many Gods dying.. its hard to keep track.

What a bothersome life... Cant we be left in peace???

Thats something the Gov needs to know, I bet.

Nothing happened yesterday

Today I'm supposed to be going out with Tim. Ill call him later on to check.

Updates later on! Ciao!

Uncle Salam

I sometimes spend my time in his house... Hes my neighbour and a good friend.
We have a smoke and a cup of iced tea and I'm ready to stay.

I was supposed to go out with Tim yesterday but because of this invasion from China, I just stayed to myself and kept quiet in my house. The Chinese soldiers are everywhere! Why are they here? Im too scared to make contact with them cause they keep giving me stupid things. And as you know about me, I hate stupidity.


Went out with Dav and Hardeep

He left halfway too. (Dav) I wonder what Im doing wrong with these white guys...

We met at Funan Centre, but was actually supposed to meet at Clarke Quay MRT, which is nearby like Clarke Quay.

After that I went to Clarke Quay for some enjoyment time and to waste my time too, because I had to meet another friend, Hardeep later on.
So I spent my time at this pub called Warehouse because they promised me a good live band but the singer was phooey after waiting to see his performance for 1-2 hours. Not good at all. All the old fashioned songs.
I wanted to sing on stage too and be a big star but he didnt have the songs I wanted.

Then later on I met Hardeep at Brix Hyatt. That place is super cool especially because there are these special girls there who are soooo beautiful. I got acquainted with some of them.

Then when Hardeep had to leave early, (Him too!) he complained about me to the bouncer and he kicked me out!!!! Because he was fuming with Jealousy... Dont know Aquarians very well.

And its my favourite pub!!!
The bouncer said I was disturbing the other guests down there. I was just making friends!

So anyway today, he said he'd be going shopping with me. Ill call him later.

Thats all.... WOW... What a lot of things I have done yesterday. Why does it keep coming and coming? Dont know.

And a few days ago, I met Gags. But he seemed more interested in my impersonators than me. And she was standing right infront of my face! So I left them halfway and made my way to this other pub, with a singer there looking like Tina Turner! She was cool and entertaining.

Then I met this guy and girl there and I was forward and asked her (Not him, mind you) if she wanted to go to a hotel with me! LOL! Jut being courageous and open for once.

Then I went home.

All these meaningless visits with friends is boring me. I wish and pray something good will happen to me soon. Something.....er..... exciting like a boyfriend or at least someone steady.

Run away

Went out with Wassim yesterday to Tanjong Pagar and got stood up halfway...

That means he came but just as I was about to get myself settled at this restaurant, he turned and left for the day! I couldnt stop him.... Who knows what got into him. So I wondered around finding the POSB ATM machine until I finally found one in Chinatown. Then I went to have a meal at McDonalds and meet this refined young gentleman sitting beside this guy from France. He was talking to me about the state of things and how all the old people live in Chinatown. He went on and on and I couldn't catch what he was saying too well. And I cant remember what we talked about either... My memory keeps failing me.

I wish my life would go on smoothly instead of this memory loss thing Im suffering...

Later Ill be going out with Dav to Clarke Quay. Tell you how it all goes later.

Ciao! Im out.

Back again

Back from IMH after 8 months.

Currently looking for a job....and theres a secret to that!

Joined this new dating agency at Hotornot. Meeting lots of new friends.
Keep coming to the internet cafe here at the games arcade.

I just made a deal. Guess what will happen? Ill update you in the future but its still a secret.

So many secrets kept within me, and I dont know what will happen to me cause I dont know about secrets. I just assume its bad. But thats not the life issue with me now.

I pray and pray, although I usually dont.... that everything will be good and Ill never return to that stupid busuk place again....

My lifes going good... so far...

Will be going to chalet in a few days. PARTY!

Femme Fatale

Looking for local shoe makers/designers for new shoe shop.
Also accepting lingerie, bags, socks, and jewellery makers.
Interested in contributing? Email psychtraveller@ymail.com with pictures of your creations.

People interested in investing also welcomed.

Cashier/Sales girl also wanted. Must have modeling experience.
Earn as you sell.
Exquisite high price shop.
Send resume together with pictures from portfolio.

Can call too at 93538336 but only after January or before coming Sunday.

Poetry time!

I'm on home leave from IMH. Don't know why I should be couped up there just after I mentioned to the king that I was going to Wales to sit with my father on the throne. Sigh... Its like a dream isn't it? But its true though.

And still they wonder on...

We meet daintily and agreeably
It went spiritually well like a candle on a cake.
Meant to be blown out for a bigger share
Our likes do not count while we are drag raked.

How do I get closer to you, they'll think.
There's only so much love one can give.
Only so far our boundaries can reach and be invaded.
And still they wonder on...

Why doesn't she touch me? Why doesn't she want to be close, to be with me?
Are there other men who entice you more than me?
A I just a bore? Its like wearing my own cloak.
Or like watching the other stock wade through the waters.

But its me, I'm the same.
Hope you don't stack me in your old vineyard closet
There's so much of us to share.
Open your baby blue eyes wider and think potential.

Look into my eyes. Search me deep within.
Until you find your inner peace within me.
Find the trust that I'm shining brightly for you.
Find comfort in reveling in me.... and still you wonder on.

I know I don't show it. But your presence ignites me.
Like nothing can ever shine brighter than you. I smile, a warn caring smile.
Just to try to get out of you that light I so adore.
And still you wonder on...

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.

Can you come into my specially built circular venue.
Step in, step in, don't think for 1 second Satan is here.
All's clear, bright, sunny and chirpy.
Birds swoon and swoop through the air finding partnership.

Wheres the ground, Wheres the standing, they ask?
Just leave me a bit and revel in the centerfold with me
Its for you as it is for me
Hold my hand and we can walk it though peaceful harmony.

Don't be perpetuous with me
I don't ask for petty cash or your soul at the edge of a sharp knife
Bear with me whole we get to know each other deeply, soulfully and without any barriers
I wont hurt your feelings if you are devoted, forever -loving like my mother.

Please understand also that I don't mean to make you jealous.
I'm just 2 knobs above highest, like my good bolstered mother taught me from young.
I treat everyone with fairness.
Please forgive my judgemental attitude towards the lower castes.

All's well as I oversee.
Come be with me. You are the one I'm looking for to fill my voids.
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
Its for me to be and for you to see

Shallow as it is, you cant come any closer without eternal truthful love, true purpose and self and a space in your life for me.
Why don't you let me in, they say
Shall I burn the letters that we have together and form a hate?
No, no, no. You cant bully me. I'm bright, sharp and alert and wont let you pass nor be your bait.

Get to know me.
I'm just like that.
Id love to invite visitors
So come and be with me one by one like suitors.