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Back again.... Home LEAVE!

Ahhhhh, what am I still doing in the mental hospital? They said for every 4-5 months I choose, I have to stay there 2x the time. So that means 10 months, together with the time I'm suffering for the people who put me there...Like this impersonator who God knows what wants from me... and a few of the other people who I am forced not to reveal by name.

Why is my life so boring and inconsistent? My parents love me and I know, I know, I love them too...but what more do I want from life? A family of my own??? My own children? A job Ill love like interior decoration? A holiday? But everything seems like a waste of.... of what? Of time?

What do I want? 



A new lovely phase in life? I remember going through the Hanson faze... where I used to talk to the forum members like every day, waiting on their every minute for a new post. It was so fun in an intimate, conservative kind of way. No body could ever beat the time I had with them.

Then there are other celebrities too, of which I don't think I can mention either, since every time I mention them in my livejournal... I GO AGAIN!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

Please reply and comment in the journal and give to me the joy I long for from now onwards. I'm totally confused!

Out for another day

I went to eat Pizza just now in this mental hospitalisation shop... LOL... Then I went to wash my hair in another mental hospitalisation shop. LOL... I didn't even know such shops existed.

Here are some of the things which I have aspired to do in the mental ward.

Nope, didn't work. Don't know how to transfer all the pictures from the scanner to online. I coloured about 50 pieces and later I'm going to give my mother her "Happy mothers day" present. Or maybe I shouldn't. I don't really know what she might do with them.

Please pray for me that I will be out soon. Its already been 8 months plus. I cant stand that mad house anymore!


Back for a day

From IMH. So far I stayed there for almost 8 months. Im let off for today on home outing. Ill be getting going soon.

Im here to check out whether I got a reply from the manuscript, the manuscript which I suppose the reason to being admitted is. They wanted to give me some money or something for helping my grandfather. He recently got some pension money or something like that. And I heard if I stay there for 7 months, Ill be getting 120,000. I dont know why Im revealing all this here... Will I be a popular little pudding or will I attract unwanted attention, much more... crooks. I dont want such a life... if you want in on my life, brush up, spruce up, be a gentleman or gentle woman or whatever, be nice to me and promise me to always love and dote on me, because Im looking for filial, loyal, long term relationships... not just a one nighter with some indonesian friends popping up from God knows where.

I dyed my hair just... for OT or whatever. I hope they'll give me something like that next week if Im not let off yet. They said all that was left needed was OT. But Im thinking I dont want that much money and theres no way I can do anything in the ward except rot and stink. I cant "make" anything there like those scary mental patients can do. So what am I there for?

Please please God, listen to my prayers and discharge me soon.

Anyway, theres just no freedom for me, even for 1 day leave. I cant see, my head cant feel, and my chest doesn't seem enlightened that Ive finally broke loose.... Its like the same, only here Im blind and there Im binded up.

Theres nothing for me in there at all....PLEASEEEEE LET ME GO FREE.


Just let go of $760... Not telling you for what.

Trying to meet Dino to collect my capital. Ill call him at 11.30.

Went out with Hon kit and Patrick

I met Patrick and we went to starbucks for a while... and after that, he left in a jiffy too. Sigh... He said we could meet again at 2am but thats too late for me.

Then later on, I went out with Hon Kit to chijmes... but the place was full of Japanese and Chinese visitors/foreigners. I couldnt gather enough of my good self to do much. So I went home early at 11pm. Caught the last bus.
Hes not very interesting. I prefer patrick better. I ate some sauteed prawns and some cream of mushroom soup there. Wasnt very nice either.

With this food slave thing their doing these days, its hard to feed and coax the stomach properly. So my stomach is in array now. Thats how I feel.

I also keep feeling something missing from my head.. So many Gods dying.. its hard to keep track.

What a bothersome life... Cant we be left in peace???

Thats something the Gov needs to know, I bet.

Nothing happened yesterday

Today I'm supposed to be going out with Tim. Ill call him later on to check.

Updates later on! Ciao!

Uncle Salam

I sometimes spend my time in his house... Hes my neighbour and a good friend.
We have a smoke and a cup of iced tea and I'm ready to stay.

I was supposed to go out with Tim yesterday but because of this invasion from China, I just stayed to myself and kept quiet in my house. The Chinese soldiers are everywhere! Why are they here? Im too scared to make contact with them cause they keep giving me stupid things. And as you know about me, I hate stupidity.


Went out with Dav and Hardeep

He left halfway too. (Dav) I wonder what Im doing wrong with these white guys...

We met at Funan Centre, but was actually supposed to meet at Clarke Quay MRT, which is nearby like Clarke Quay.

After that I went to Clarke Quay for some enjoyment time and to waste my time too, because I had to meet another friend, Hardeep later on.
So I spent my time at this pub called Warehouse because they promised me a good live band but the singer was phooey after waiting to see his performance for 1-2 hours. Not good at all. All the old fashioned songs.
I wanted to sing on stage too and be a big star but he didnt have the songs I wanted.

Then later on I met Hardeep at Brix Hyatt. That place is super cool especially because there are these special girls there who are soooo beautiful. I got acquainted with some of them.

Then when Hardeep had to leave early, (Him too!) he complained about me to the bouncer and he kicked me out!!!! Because he was fuming with Jealousy... Dont know Aquarians very well.

And its my favourite pub!!!
The bouncer said I was disturbing the other guests down there. I was just making friends!

So anyway today, he said he'd be going shopping with me. Ill call him later.

Thats all.... WOW... What a lot of things I have done yesterday. Why does it keep coming and coming? Dont know.

And a few days ago, I met Gags. But he seemed more interested in my impersonators than me. And she was standing right infront of my face! So I left them halfway and made my way to this other pub, with a singer there looking like Tina Turner! She was cool and entertaining.

Then I met this guy and girl there and I was forward and asked her (Not him, mind you) if she wanted to go to a hotel with me! LOL! Jut being courageous and open for once.

Then I went home.

All these meaningless visits with friends is boring me. I wish and pray something good will happen to me soon. Something.....er..... exciting like a boyfriend or at least someone steady.