Dare to be brave

I dare to be brave

Do you like me better that way?

All I want is recognition and praise

Is that so much to pay?

I go for plastic surgery

When Im already as pretty as can be

Will you love that smile of mine

When Im not in the mood, not in the high?

Thats why I should soil myself with

These permanence that will take away my grief

Breast implants too

Nonono I dont want susu.

Toy with my like Im a doll

Pray that my life will turn and coil

Otherwise what am I doing here?

In Gods own sanctuary, in Gods own mirth 

I want more and more love

Till I stink, till I fly like a dove

I dont care if you dont see me

My fat arse will tell the truth, sell my esteem

Im not pretty enough

I want to go in extreme lives for myself

Play with my tits, play with my hive

Give me that satisfaction I crave all life

Why dont I just sit at home,

Be a good wife

Be nice to my man

And curtailing to my child

Why dont I just be myself

The one I love has eyes for me

Open up the blind

And see whats mine

Why dont I just be satisfied with what I have

Time for a move

Time for a change

When its achieved, Ill be in everyones range.

Why dont I just be quiet, and not grumble and rave

People will turn their views on me

Ill be a good woman, salvation.

And need no more starvation.

Why dont I see the light?

When its there shining so bright?

Lowering my self esteem,

I must start the mix again like Im keen.

Why cant I just be good

I want to be myself but noone likes me

Must I change to bad dom to reachieve my fame?

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Portrait of mother!

Not very good.. but OK for the first attempt!

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Free as a bird

From the nuisance tube or whatever...

And pather is getting better.. although he still doesnt know a few things!!!! GRRRR...

Im still in the process of painting my mother... Will be up soon.

Looks promising!

This is just a sketch...


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What is replacement...

What is a replacement for fun, fun, fun?

Here are more... but from others

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.

-Its true... we need some space so we can know whats good for ourselves, and not be taught things which we dont comprehend.

Unless we want to be a copycat.

It's our hearts and brains that we should exercise more often. You can put on all the makeup you want, but it won't make your soul pretty. 

— I think I dont have a pretty soul.. I think Im just soulful.

Arhrhhhh... bring me to life!

May the stars carry your darkness away.
May the flowers fill your heart with beauty.
May hope forever wipe away your tears.
And above all, may silence make you strong.

— Awwww, such sweet sentiments from mother...

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." — Charles Darwin

Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth. Honestly, there are enough bad people out there in the world - you don't need to be your own worst enemy.

No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected." 

Hanson Quiz

Uncle Salam
I sometimes spend my time in his house... Hes my neighbour and a good friend.
We have a smoke and a cup of iced tea and I'm ready to stay.

I was supposed to go out with Tim yesterday but because of this invasion from China, I just stayed to myself and kept quiet in my house. The Chinese soldiers are everywhere! Why are they here? Im too scared to make contact with them cause they keep giving me stupid things. And as you know about me, I hate stupidity.


Femme Fatale
Looking for local shoe makers/designers for new shoe shop.
Also accepting lingerie, bags, socks, and jewellery makers.
Interested in contributing? Email psychtraveller@ymail.com with pictures of your creations.

People interested in investing also welcomed.

Cashier/Sales girl also wanted. Must have modeling experience.
Earn as you sell.
Exquisite high price shop.
Send resume together with pictures from portfolio.

Can call too at 93538336 but only after January or before coming Sunday.

Poetry time!
I'm on home leave from IMH. Don't know why I should be couped up there just after I mentioned to the king that I was going to Wales to sit with my father on the throne. Sigh... Its like a dream isn't it? But its true though.

And still they wonder on...

We meet daintily and agreeably
It went spiritually well like a candle on a cake.
Meant to be blown out for a bigger share
Our likes do not count while we are drag raked.

How do I get closer to you, they'll think.
There's only so much love one can give.
Only so far our boundaries can reach and be invaded.
And still they wonder on...

Why doesn't she touch me? Why doesn't she want to be close, to be with me?
Are there other men who entice you more than me?
A I just a bore? Its like wearing my own cloak.
Or like watching the other stock wade through the waters.

But its me, I'm the same.
Hope you don't stack me in your old vineyard closet
There's so much of us to share.
Open your baby blue eyes wider and think potential.

Look into my eyes. Search me deep within.
Until you find your inner peace within me.
Find the trust that I'm shining brightly for you.
Find comfort in reveling in me.... and still you wonder on.

I know I don't show it. But your presence ignites me.
Like nothing can ever shine brighter than you. I smile, a warn caring smile.
Just to try to get out of you that light I so adore.
And still you wonder on...

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.

Can you come into my specially built circular venue.
Step in, step in, don't think for 1 second Satan is here.
All's clear, bright, sunny and chirpy.
Birds swoon and swoop through the air finding partnership.

Wheres the ground, Wheres the standing, they ask?
Just leave me a bit and revel in the centerfold with me
Its for you as it is for me
Hold my hand and we can walk it though peaceful harmony.

Don't be perpetuous with me
I don't ask for petty cash or your soul at the edge of a sharp knife
Bear with me whole we get to know each other deeply, soulfully and without any barriers
I wont hurt your feelings if you are devoted, forever -loving like my mother.

Please understand also that I don't mean to make you jealous.
I'm just 2 knobs above highest, like my good bolstered mother taught me from young.
I treat everyone with fairness.
Please forgive my judgemental attitude towards the lower castes.

All's well as I oversee.
Come be with me. You are the one I'm looking for to fill my voids.
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
Its for me to be and for you to see

Shallow as it is, you cant come any closer without eternal truthful love, true purpose and self and a space in your life for me.
Why don't you let me in, they say
Shall I burn the letters that we have together and form a hate?
No, no, no. You cant bully me. I'm bright, sharp and alert and wont let you pass nor be your bait.

Get to know me.
I'm just like that.
Id love to invite visitors
So come and be with me one by one like suitors.


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